Need a loan? Here are the options you can explore

Personal loans have become the most popular source of funds to fulfill urgent monetary needs. The practice of borrowing money to deal with sudden financial expenses or help meet financial goals is not new. But with banks and other financial institutions beginning to focus on retail lending, several new options have emerged for the consumers of today. The need is to carefully weigh each and choose the most-suited instrument. Here are some of the most popular loan options that consumers have today: Continue reading

6 things to check before applying for a home loan

Owning a home may be a cherished dream for most of us, but only a select few can buy or construct their dream home from their own pocket. So getting a home loan remains the only viable option. However, a home loan is a long-term commitment, stretching up to 20-30 years in many instances. Then there is the down payment one needs to pay upfront, which can go up to 20-30 percent of the property’s value. All these factors make it critical to plan well in advance and consolidate your finances, before applying for a home loan. Here are some financial planning tips for setting yourself comfortably on the path to homeownership. Continue reading